Making A Difference

Our lives are a journey. We constantly move forward, demanding new experiences, full of expectation and hope. But sometimes we just seem to – stop. And when we stop, things look wrong, we get confused, and we can start to spiral downwards.

For some people, it is the life events and situations that happen to everyone that seem too difficult to cope with. Life can go wrong through losing your job, suffering a relationship breakdown, developing a serious illness, or the death of someone close.

Others suffer through trying to escape the grip of addiction, frustrated by what they see as failure. Sometimes lives can seem broken because of psychological trauma or a bleak landscape of negative and overwhelming experiences.

For many it is simply the effort to make life work from one day to the next, resulting in loss of self-esteem and depression – mild, moderate, or severe.

Making the decision to seek help is one of the hardest things on that journey, but whatever the reason you decide to start therapy, Making a Difference Counselling is here to provide a warm, accepting, confidential and professional service.

My name is Simone. If you are wondering why talking to me would be different to talking to anyone else - a friend or family member for example – remember that as a professional counsellor I am impartial, objective, and non-judgemental. I want to know more about you and I want to help.  During our sessions, you will be able to talk freely to me about what has led you to seek support and you will come to know that you are not alone. Contacting me is the first step, a beginning, and by sharing your experience you will grow in strength and find clarity about your circumstances and problems.